2012 Theme: Tradition

The Greenfeather Committee has selected "Tradition" as the theme for Greenfeather 2012. Greenfeather has been a longstanding tradition on Stetson's campus since the 1950's and with the reintroduction of Football, the committee thought that focusing on "Tradition" would give the Stetson community the opportunity to embrace the old traditions on Stetson's campus and celebrate new traditions that  are developing.

Community Focus Area: Youth

This year the Greenfeather committee decided to start a new tradtion where students would select a specific community focus area in order to educate the Stetson Community on specific needs that are locally, nationally, and globally focusing around that topic. This year students have chosen "Youth" as the primary focus area, so all of the agencies that have applied for the Greenfeather Grant have a youth component that their grant will go towards.

2012 Motto: "Fear the Hat, Respect the Feather"